Redding Lecture

Dr. George Walker Redding was a Georgetown College graduate (1927) and member of the faculty of Georgetown College for thirty years (1943-1973), teaching primarily courses in Bible and chairing the Bible Department. Dr. Redding earned the Bachelor of Divinity and the Doctor of Philosophy degrees from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.  He was known for his good humor, concern for students, and high academic standards.  Dr. Redding was active in local Baptist churches, serving as interim pastor on twenty-eight occasions.  The College awarded him an Alumni Achievement Award in 1973 and an honorary doctorate in 1981.  After retiring from Georgetown in 1973, Dr. Redding continued to teach until his death in 1989.  In 1997 Georgetown College inducted him into its Hall of Fame.

One might ask, “Why have the Redding Lectures on the campus of Georgetown College?” Simply stated, our hope is to inspire the spirit, challenge and expand the mind, and encourage further study. We trust that such a worthy goal is accomplished by providing an annual lecture at Georgetown College that brings to our campus some of the best known and most widely published Christian scholars in the United States and the world.