Mission to Chile


In 1997 Grundy and Jean Janes, retired missionaries from the Colegio Bautista in Temuco, Chile; were serving as missionaries-in-residence at Georgetown College. Dr. Jack “Doc” Birdwhistell suggested that it would be good to take a group of students to Chile for a mission trip. Plans were made for a trip. Dr. Patricia Cooper, Spanish professor, heard about the trip and wanted to go. With her interest it was suggested to the Academic Dean that the mission venture include a “Spanish credit” element. Approval was granted! Doc Birdwhistell, Marshall Center Board member at that time, helped secure funding for each student.

After the inaugural and successful “Chile Mission Trip”, there was talk of a more permanent relationship. The Colegio Bautista was very interested in not only having Georgetown students involved but also Colegio students. So, in November of 1998 a team of three from Georgetown College (Dr. Charles Boehms, Dr. Ben Oldham, & Mr. Grundy Janes) went to Temuco, Chile, to discuss the possibilities. They returned with a plan for a partnership between the two institutions.

In February of 1999, a group went to Chile for the finalizing and signing of the partnership agreement between Georgetown College and the Colegio Bautista. The group was made up of: Bill and Jan Crouch, Bill and Alice Marshall, Ken and Joann James, & Grundy and Jean Janes.

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