Minister's Leave to Oxford

...and Jesus withdrew to a solitary place...
Mark 1:35

The Minister’s Study-Leave Program, through the Marshall Center for Christian Ministry of Georgetown College, provides ministers with a brief period away from congregational and/or ministry field responsibilities. It provides a time of renewal, both professionally and spiritually, and allows the minister to return to his or her duties with new energy and ideas.\

Each year, between mid-June and mid-September, three “four-week” sabbatical periods are made available at Regent's Park College of Oxford University in Oxford, England. It is a rare opportunity made possible through a unique agreement between Georgetown College and Regent’s Park College. Regent’s Park is a community of scholars in the Baptist tradition, established in 1810 and is a “permanent private hall” of Oxford.

Those who participate in the Minister’s Study-Leave will have the riches of Oxford available to them: the extensive libraries, an intellectually stimulating environment, and centuries-old traditions that are part of Oxford’s impressive history.

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